TWI Ltd TWI Ltd (UK)

Main Project Researcher: Adam Wilkinson

Profile: With 550 skilled staff and a turnover of €57M, TWI is one of Europe's largest independent research and technology organisations. TWI is a non-profit distributing, membership-based company, and it is extensively involved in research and technology transfer projects across all of its technologies and industry sectors including rail. It is currently involved in more than 50 collaborative industrial research projects funded by the industry, the UK government and the European Commission, 30 of them in the NDT Group. TWI has become a world leader for non-destructive testing (NDT). More than 65 engineers and technicians work in the NDT Group, 22 of which in the long range ultrasonics division.

Role in the project / Tasks Attributed: TWI will be the co-ordinator of the project and the Leader of WP9. In addition, they will assist in the design and/or implementation of specific parts of the project. Moreover, they will organise the preparation of the project reports according to the format defined by the EC and arrange for their distribution. TWI will also conduct R&D concerning all NDT systems. TWI will participate actively in WP2, which concerns R&D of advanced sensory systems for Rail monitoring. TWI will give the R&D support and assistance for all the WPs.

Previous experience relating to their role: TWI has an extended experience in project management. They have been involved in the delivery of such projects for some 20 years, with over 150 projects successfully delivered or currently in progress. Moreover, NDT department has invented several NDT inspection systems and it is very strong in the field of NDT, specifically LRU and the modelling of ultrasound transmission. TWI has also worked closely with the Rail industry via their members in the transport sector.

Profile of Staff undertaking the job: The research team that will undertake the task consists of experienced engineers and consultants in the field of NDT and rail metallurgy. The Main project researcher Miss Carmen Campos Castellanos has the experience and technical skills to manage a large, complex programme of this nature. She has extensive expertise in NDT systems as well as LRUT and AE techniques.

Reasons for selection by the SMEs: TWI's participation is es sential for the consortium, because of their extended experience in project management, research and development expertise in the field of advanced NDT technology and because of their access to information through their company membership network. TWI will benefit from its participation to the project from its involvement to a new field rail condition monitoring. This will broaden the NDT sector's applications.